Summit Land Conservancy Collaboration


Since 2002, the Summit Land Conservancy has been preserving the regional landscapes for future generations throughout Park City and Summit County. A strictly local organization, they are staffed and run by area residents dedicated to saving and protecting land. All of those unspoiled views you enjoy and trails you love to traverse? You guessed it, those are the open spaces that they protect. From conserving land along the Weber River to ensure continued public access to blue-ribbon fisheries, to preserving natural outdoor play areas for local children, Summit Land Conservancy believes in the values, and land, that we hold dear at MtnRanks.

This t shirt represents a beer produced from open space.  Once a year volunteers venture out and harvest wild hops growing on the open space land protected by the Summit Land Conservancy.  Last year close to 400lbs of hops were harvested.  The hops are given to the loving care of wasatch brew pub to be turned into a tasty beer named Clothing Hoptional.