Top 5 Trail Bike Descents in Park City, Utah

Posted on August 28 2016

Top 5 Trail Bike Descents in Park City, Utah

top 5 trail bike downhill trails in park city

With 400 plus miles of trails and an IMBA Gold level rating, Park City, Utah is a seriously good place to ride mountain bikes. Add to that a vertical rise of 3200' feet, and you can be sure there are some epic, fast and long descents nestled into the back side of the Wasatch Mountains. We are going to showcase a few of the trails and combinations that link up for some awesome downhill shredding for trail/enduro mountain bikes (read: all mountain bikes).  

In order for these trails to fit the "trail bike" category, they need to be pedal-able via loops with sometimes hefty climbs, as well as out-and-back rides. While some of these rides have intermittent climbing throughout, they all trend downhill and offer miles of fun, flowy riding, not the featured gnarliness of pure downhill trails. Most of these trails can be accessed by lifts at resorts, by shuttling with friends, or using shuttling services.

Also, please keep in mind that these trails are all multi-use and multi-directional, so don't go out and ride these fully pinned, especially on the first go. Be courteous to uphill riders, hikers, and other users. We are all outside to do what we love and want to have a good time, so there's no need to be  Strava-hole.


1. Pinecone to Spiro

Pinecone trail park city utah

 Multi Directional

This is arguably the best downhill flowing trail in Park City, as well as the best climbing trail to reach the top of the Wasatch from the PC side. Pinecone trail cranks from the top of the like named ridge for nearly the full vertical of Park City Resort, intersecting and finishing with Spiro lower down in Thaynes Canyon. The trails combine for almost 9 miles of flowy single track through Pine and Aspen groves that transition into Gamble Oak. Some locals call this trail 9 Mile because it is exactly 9 miles to the Yarrow Hotel for a cold beer. During the mid-day hours you should expect a fair amount of uphill traffic, especially on the weekends. If you want to get a fast descent, ride this right before dark, when there are fewer riders ascending.                


2. Crest trail from Square Top Mountain to Canyons Connector to Insurgent

Mid mtn trail park ciy utah

 Multi Directional

This descent is just plain rad and lesser known compared to some others on the list.  Starting high above Park City Resort on Square Top, this trail plummets downhill quickly into dense Aspen forest. Coming down off of the ridge you will encounter some steep, more technical sections followed by fast, chundery all out fun.  Once you gain the Canyons area, this trail doesn't let up on the downhill. Smooth, fast flow gives way when you dive into the steep woods of Insurgent. You won't be disappointed.        


3. Nail Driver to Lower Fire Swamp to Deer Crest

Nail driver trail deer valley ut

 Multi Directional on Deer Crest

Recently updated thanks to the trail workers of Gravity Logic and Deer Valley, the newly made over Nail Driver will put a grin on your face that just won't leave. While this trail can be shuttled or pedaled in a loop free to the public, it is also accessible via lift ride at Deer Valley Resort. We encourage everyone to support these trails, paying for a lift ticket whenever you can, which will help build and maintain more trails like this in Park City. This trail combo gives you a good taste of everything, fast and flowy through big berms on Nail Driver, to tight and technical in Lower Fire Swamp, and back to traditional single track down Deer Crest. 


4. W.O.W. Trail

 Multi Directional

WOW trail in utah


Newer to the scene with a soft opening in Summer 2015, this trail descent is on the fast track to becoming a Park City must ride.  As the W.O.W. (Wasatch Over Wasatch) trail matures and its other stages of connectors get finished, there is no doubt it will be an epic ride. That being said, there are already 12 miles of finished single track that cascade down the Guardsman Pass area into the Heber Valley town of Midway. Once the W.O.W. trail is completely finished it will have the full might of the Wasatch's vertical drop on board, starting at Deer Valley and terminating in Wasatch State Park.

5. Corvair to Mid Mountain to Empire Link

Empire link trail park city utah

 Multi Directional

This combination is just one of our favorites for this area of trails, as there are almost endless linkups and ride options in this corner of Park City. The ride starts off the top of the Guardsman Pass area where you begin your shred with great mountain views and old school single track. After passing the Lady Morgan chairlift at Deer Valley, the flow nob gets cranked.  Be cautious descending on Mid Mountain, there are a lot of multi-directional riders and trail users in this area. Upon gaining Empire Link, you will find one of the smoothest, fastest sections of trail in town. Empire Link winds down through Aspens, giving you fun water bars to boost some airs.  Want to spice this ride up?  Dive into the Black Forest off of Mid Mountain to gain Empire Link earlier for some steepness on your way to flow. 

 lower fire swamp deer valley utah

We hope you enjoy all of our our picks for some ripping descents on your trail bikes. Feel free to give us feedback and let us know what you think of our favorites.  If you want to find out the best options for these trails, contact some local bike shops or pick up a Mountain Trails Foundation map.  For shuttle services, contact these Guys: Fox and Rox or Double D Taxi

See you on the Trails,




  • Mitch: March 26, 2019

    DO NOT use Fox n Rox shuttle. Worst customer service I have ever experienced. Old website, difficult to understand. I sent a text to the owner for some clarification on when the shuttle would pick up in park city while I was visiting and below was his response.

    “It’s not confusing go read the website it says EVEN DAY AND ODD DAY how confusing is that”
    “200 people a week use the website and say it’s easy so go read it and figure it out”

    “Not my fault u can’t read and follow simple instructions . Learn to read”

  • BRETE THOMAS: August 29, 2016

    Those are some wonderful beginner descents.

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