The Autumn Adventure Pt. 1: Rocktoberfest 2016

Posted on November 10 2016

The Autumn Adventure Pt. 1: Rocktoberfest 2016

rocktoberfest red river gore, amirillo sunset

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and the journey of 4,750 miles begins with a truck load of rock climbing t-shirts. 

Every Autumn, we cram as much adventure gear as we can fit into the back of the MtnRanks truck and start driving East. Our destination, Rocktoberfest, the rock climbing festival in Central Kentucky that benefits the non-profit Red River Gorge Climber's Coalition. We drive I-80 for two full days, arriving in Cincinnati to visit friends and regroup, and then head to Slade, Kentucky. Slade is the home of the Red River Gorge, an eclectic mix of dedicated rock climbers, vagabonds, and good old boys, and home to some of the best sport climbing in the entire world.

We come for a week of climbing, but more than that, we come to support the rock climbing community. The RRGCC has been in existence for 20 years and continues to work hard today to preserve land, maintain climbing routes, and put in new trails. Their tireless efforts are what preserves and grows the rock climbing in the Red, so we are happy to support their efforts. 

This year's Rocktoberfest shirt, designed and produced by MtnRanks

However, we're never ones to donate or help out from afar. If we're going to be at the Gorge and helping out at Rocktoberfest, you can be sure we're also touching as much rock as possible.  

Break the scene red river gorge, kentucky

Vinny Casilio on the sharp end of Break the Scene 5-12.a Photo: AlpenHelo

Break the scene, red river gorge kentucky

Vinny, working the crack.

And if we do take a day off from the crag, we aren't sitting still. Some of the local creeks are stocked with Rainbow trout, so we'll take a rest day by switching things up and doing a little fly fishing.

fly fishing in the red river gorge

Bruce, rocking the Soady Ridge shirt and a nice Rainbow trout

No matter what we are doing, the Red River Gorge continues to provide us with great stories, new friendships, and countless adventures. If you ever have the chance, go check it out. If you're left wanting more info on what a full week looks like at the Red for Rocktoberfest, check out our 2015 Rocktoberfest recap.



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