MtnRanks Fanpage: Freeride for the People

Posted on October 10 2016

MtnRanks Fanpage: Freeride for the People

Photos by: Rob Norbutt

Every year in the middle of October, the podunk desert towns of Virgin and La Verkin, Utah seem to run low on beer and sunscreen. A lot of folks that “don’t belong around here” start to show up, along with quite a few adventure rigs, North Shore racks, and downhill bikes. It’s not a coincidental alignment of the stars that causes this freerider insurgence (are we sure?), it’s the event known simply as “RAAAAMMMMMMPAAAAAAGGGEEEE!!!”.

Redbull Rampage is widely considered the gnarliest event in mountain biking, and continues to push the sport of freeride further every year. While millions will watch the live stream or the post event broadcast, only a small number will get to camp in the desert with their buddies, (likely) over indulge in adult sodas, and get to see the action up close and personal.

While the main event is made possible by some serious sponsorship dollars, some incredible riders, and countless dedicated diggers and volunteers, the fans that are in attendance are really the ones that best encapsulate the attitude of Rampage. Sure, this may sound like a gross oversimplification of the event, but there are plenty of other blog posts, interviews, and news articles to tell you everything you want to know about the pro riding and what happens inside of the venue. But, we’re not here to talk about that, we’re here to talk about the fans.

Fanpage spectators witnessing the fan fueled freeride

Dodging sprinkles and watching the freeride, spectators at Fanpage 2015


A few years ago, our friend Jake had the idea for a sort of Rampage for the fans, or Fanpage. What started as a grandiose idea to have a full on freeride competition for the people at the old Rampage site, was whittled down in favor of the simplicity and good times of a jump jam. Our friend Kevin helped pull it all together and become the unofficially official MC of the event. With some good tunes bumping, Kevin taunting people over the mic to see their best tricks as they pushed up the inrun, and $5 bills and t-shirts flying through the air to riders, there were plenty of good times to be had. The weather has been dicey (really? At Rampage?), the past few years, but there has still been a good turn out with people coming to hit the step ups at the bottom of the old site, in hopes of maybe winning a new t-shirt or jersey.

Sending the step up at the old rampage site

Sending on the step-ups, MtnRanks outpost in the background


We want to keep this event rolling and continue to grow it every year, and with your help, we can. Show up, sign a quick waiver, and go have a fun freeride session with a bunch of new friends, it’s really that simple. Or if you’re in the spectating mood, bring your favorite adult soda, and join in the "ooohh's and ahhh's".

RSVP to Fanpage here, and we hope to see a bunch of new (and familiar) faces in the desert next week.



Saturday October 15th

Starts at 4pm, goes to whenever!

Located at the Rampage site (37.223772, -113.163521 on Google Maps)


Whipping the downhill bike at MtnRanks Fanpage

Whip it good.


Fahzure Freeride on the mic at the Old Rampage site

The legend, Fahzure Freeride on the megaphone.

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  • Fred: October 14, 2016

    Awesome Blog! I wish I could read on from you guys every week!

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