What is MtnRanks Fanpage?

Posted on October 25 2017

What is MtnRanks Fanpage?

What is Fanpage?




Red Bull Rampage is the premiere mtb event in the extreme sports world.  Nestled in the southern desert of Utah in the sleepy town of Virgin.  The super bowl of free ride mountain biking if you will, has progressed the sport so far that it boast smaller than 1% of pro mountain bikers.  Since 2001 we have watched riders send some of the biggest features, and do things that were thought not to be possible on a bicycle.  


As the sport has progressed it has brought with it the higher level riders in the general mtb population.  The original site for rampage which at the time was ground breaking riding has become the play ground for the fans of rampage. 


As we spent time watching rampage, and riding the old site we came up with the idea of Fanpage.  The original format for rampage was this, Friday was qualifiers, Saturday was a practice day for the pros (which was closed to the public) and Sunday was the main event with finals.  So this format left the general admission fans of rampage with nothing to do but go ride their bikes.  So why not provide a outlet for every one to get together ride, and hang out.


Just like Rampage from the beginning our event has been plagued with bad weather.  Go figure, weather in the desert is the last thing you think of, however October in Utah is when we start getting weather through out the state.  Rampage has inherently become a moving target, which has been passed down to Fanpage.  As the main event moves because of weather we have tried and pushed to make it happen.  Every year we have been able to squeeze something out, non the less the fans are always there sending it on there bikes.  

So if you are headed to Rampage bring your bike, a cooler full of beers and come shred with us at the old rampage site.  Its a dang good time and you wont be disappointed.  There is riding there for most levels of riders.  We love this event, at the ranks we are not much on the spectating side of things, we love to participate.  This event embodies that spirit.    


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