Mtn Remedies: DIY Boot Dryer

Posted on April 04 2017

DIY boot dryer


Living a active life in winter there are some standard truths that you just have to follow.  Survival and comfort in the mountains during winter revolves around staying dry.  When you spend all day outside dry boots, and gloves are paramount.  So when you are out there day after day having a method of drying your boots over night is a must. 


For years I have been giving and have purchased different store bought boot dryers.  They all worked realistically well.  The problem I ran into was they just never lasted.  The motors would burn out and stop working, sometimes not even lasting a season.  As well, if you wanted something to do more than one pair of boots, get ready to shell out some cash.  The manufactured boot dryers on the market that dry multiple pairs of gloves and boots are expensive.  Like we always do, we set out to do it ourselves and make something better. 

 Supplies you will need:


Fence Post

wood boards


Corner Brace

Liquid Nails

 Drain Hose


Holesaw Drill bit


Computer Cooling Fan


 I was able to get three pairs of boots and two pairs of gloves on top on the standard length plastic fence post from home depot. 

diy boot dryer

Start by drilling the holes in the post using the holesaw.  Just space them evenly across the front and on the top. 

 diy boot dryer

Cut the side boards next about 23" long. 


Use the hole saw to start a hole in one board for the fan.  Then you can finish the opening with a jig saw or just punch through a few times with the holesaw.  The opening on my dryer is 3"x 3" about 2" down from the top of the board. 

 how to make to make a boot dryer


Use the corner brace brackets to attach the boards to the plastic post on the bottom of the post. 

Then finish the connection with the liquid nails all the way around the connection of the post to the boards.   Just like you would caulk a window or around a bath tub. 


Cut 6 -19" pieces of the drain hose and 4 -9" pieces of the drain hose for the glove dryers.   Use a utility knife, or a sharp pocket knife. 


Place the fan on the board over the opening, make sure the fan is blowing air into the post and not pulling the air out of the post.  Attach the fan with four screws.   Always good to drill pilot holes first before putting in the screws, but not a necessity.


Then push your drain hose sections into the holes in the post. 


Just like that you have your own boot dryer that will go the distance.  Mine is going on 5 seasons now and still running strong.  There is no heat in this system for drying, heated dryers can un mold custom heated boot liners.  So this is just a forced air system, it works great with out heat.  Ive never had it not dry out my boots or gloves overnight. 

 Questions?  Don't hesitate to hit us up.




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