Lower Provo River Clean up- Brighton Anglers

Posted on April 24 2018

Lower Provo River Clean up- Brighton Anglers

Fish for garbage


Brighton Anglers and Fish for Garbage. 


This last weekend we took the short jaunt to the lower Provo river. Our goal was to help our friends at Brighton Anglers partake in a great event that they have pioneered.  The fish for garbage event is a great chance to help clean up a beautiful section of the Provo river.  

This particular section sees a lot of trash and abuse.  Summer brings a lot of none angling recreation users, that seem to not deposit their trash where it needs to go.  As well as the close proximity to the highway there is also a lot of discarded trash over the side of the roadway.  

It is a amazing what a few people together for one morning can accomplish.  The sheer volume of trash that is picked up in a short amount of time is astonishing.  From my point of view I am amazed in two ways; first by how much trash there was and second by the fact that so many people litter.  I guess sometimes I have too much faith in humanity.  Although events like this really show how many people that there are that do care. 

We hope that when everyone that sees days like this volunteer their time and work to help create events like this for their rivers.  For more info on events like this check out the Brighton Anglers page as well as their page Fish for Garbage.





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