Lost drone and a little mtb in Moab, Ut.

Posted on January 30 2020

Lost drone and a little mtb in Moab, Ut.



In early October, just outside of Moab Utah, I was flying a fpv drone and lost video signal and had to ditch the drone.  I spent the better part of two days, walking and using binoculars to search the area I had thought I had lost it.  I did not have any luck locating the down drone.  At the time I did not have another drone to search the top of the cliff band I was flying.  I began to think maybe it was up on top of the cliff band. 

Time went by, and I was not able to make it back down to look with another drone up high in the areas I could not reach on foot.  The opportunity finally came for me to take a trip back down from Park City and get my search and rescue on.  My hopes were high but I knew to not waste a trip to come up empty handed I better have a back up plan to make the trip worth while.

With the family and mountain bikes in tow, we set off for the desert south west!  

 Drone that was lost- Xhover Skyeliner

Trails- get away to bull run on the mag 7 trail system in Moab. 



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