Lily Shreds top 7 pieces of gear for adventure dogs

Posted on December 20 2016

Lily Shreds top 7 pieces of gear for adventure dogs

Lily shreds top picks for dog gear


Whether or not you are planning your next adventure with your pooch, or looking for some great gift ideas for your best furry friend, Lily has you covered with her top picks for dog gear. 

Lily is adventurous dog. Like us, a lot of gear out there has been created to help us go farther, longer and protect.  There is some great gear out there for dogs that live the mountain life.  Gear that helps them keep up with us every step we take out of doors. 


No. 1

Powder Hound Coat

The Powder Hound Coat

This is the single most important piece of gear in Lily's gear closet.  Being a little short haired dog living in a mountainous climate, it gets cold and snowy.  Lily does not have much natural insulation, and keeping a Jack Russell cooped up inside for an entire winter is out of the question. Every pillow in our house would be shredded to bits.  The Powder Hound keeps Lily going in the cold and the snow.  I often use layers with her as well by putting the Climate Changer on and then the Powder Hound over it on really cold days.  


No. 2

Web Master dog harness

Web Master™ Harness 

Having a harness for your dog is invaluable.  This harness helps me manage Lily in so many ways.  From carrying her while wading across heavy river currents fly fishing, to strapping her onto my backpack riding bikes, to lowering her down class 4 scrambles in slot canyons.  A harness like the web master makes it all too easy.  Even for big dogs, it will help you help your dog to negotiate gnarly terrain.  If you are getting into some really serious terrain and need to lower or raise your dog down some major rock faces look at the Doubleback™ Harness it is rated for climbing type situations and has metal buckles.       


No. 3

dog safe light

A good Light

Keeping you dog visible at night is a great way to keep your dog safe and know where they are.  Lily is rarely on a leash and she is set free to roam as she pleases. Having a good dog light on her helps me to know where she is and others, like cars, see her if she happens to get in their way. Especially in winter; she is a white dog and the red beacon light is a perfect thing to illuminate her.  


No. 4

Sport Dog Collar

spor dog collar


Electronic Collar

Some people seem to think that these collars are inhumane.  However, this is one of the best investments you can make for yourself and your pooch.  Yes, it is a shock collar, no, I am not electrocuting Lily. I am giving her mild simulations to direct her when necessary.  Lily is a hunting breed and her prey drive trumps everything, even her ability to hear me, haha.  When we are in the mountains and Lily goes barreling after a full grown bull moose, there is only two ways to stop her.  One have her on a leash at all times, or let her have the freedom to run around but still have the control of a leash via remote collar.  The stim from the collar will stop her dead in her tracks in pursuit of prey.  It is also good to know that there are a lot of city ordinances that consider your dog leashed if you have an electronic collar.      


No. 5

LEather dog collar

Frisco™ Collar

Collars can range in uses: the primary spot you tie into to control your dog, a style statement, and most importantly, a place to tag identification to your best friend.  Dogs get lost all of the time, save some worry and headache if your dog gets lost and have a tag that has your contact info on it in case of a emergency.  The best way to carry this id is with a great collar.  Ruffwear has recently introduced an awesome, high end, leather collar, the Frisco, that we absolutely love.  Looking for some fun and different collars? Don't hesitate to check out the stuff over at Wolfgang Man and Beast as well, they have some really unique and fun designs.     


No. 6

dog bed


Dog Bed

A portable dog bed is also another staple in Lily's gear bag.  Lily's bed has been everywhere and even has burn marks on it from campfires while in the deserts of Utah.  We use this mostly to give Lily a place to sleep in the truck as well as something for her to keep her muddy paws on.  It also works great when camping and on the road to give her a soft place to lay down for the few moments when she is not on the go.  When things get really muddy, though, there is no substitute for a good back seat dog cover.     


No. 7

dog rain coat

Last but not least is a rain coat. 

In the mountains, rain storms can catch you off guard at any moment and without warning.  Temps can drop severely with incoming storms at anytime of year and leave you in a dangerous spot.  I always carry a doggy rain coat with us to help keep Lily dry and warm when we get caught in the open.  They are small and pack down easily that I just keep her coat in my fishing pack or mtb backpack.  It is an easy way for me to keep Lily out there and on the go in what ever happens.  


Now, we realize that we are promoting a lot of what Ruffwear has to offer, and there is a great reason for that.  They make quality products for dogs that live the adventurous life.  Products that are technical and extend different breeds' abilities where they may come up short out in the elements.  Lily has put all this stuff through the ringer and it holds up better than anything else out there.  We would love to hear from all of you about your go to dog gear for getting after it.  So let us know what your faves are.


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