Fly Fishing for the Trout Grand Slam - Utah

Posted on November 11 2019

Fly Fishing for the Trout Grand Slam - Utah




On the hunt for the fly fishing trout grand slam deep in the Unita Mountains.  Looking for a new challenge and more reason to explore and go fishing the slam contained all of the above. 

For the slam we were after we needed to land 4 species of trout.  A Brook Trout, Cutthroat Trout, Rainbow Trout and a Brown Trout.  the best case scenario would of been both of us to land one of each, the worst case scenario would be to between the both of use land one of each or not be able to get all the above species. 

We chose a river that we knew had all of the 4 kinds of trout.  We loaded up our gear and hit the road for the south slope of the Uinta mountains. 

Right out of the gate we landed three of the four.  I originally thought the cutthroat or the rainbow was going to be the wild card and hard to find.  I was wrong, the brown was to be the wild card.  The one zone on the river we were on that we knew had a good number of brown trout was occupied by a guide and his client.  We know this is how guides make their living so we were not going to impose.  Thus we decided to bail on the idea of landing all 4 on the same river and headed for a river we knew had a lot of browns.  

With a quick exploratory stop at another river we knew that was on the way back, we quickly found that due to the deep snow pack we had this season the water was still high and making the river difficult to wade navigate.  So back in the truck on we went.

As the day wound down, we were getting tired and frustrated.  The last river we visited was showing no signs of active brown trout.  We put in a fair distance of river working every hole we could see.  Tangles and trees seem to be more prevalent than trout.  

Just as we began to give up things took a turn, and you will just have to watch to see how this saga ended!


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