Drones in the Mountains: New AlpenHelo Demo Reel

Posted on August 17 2016

Drones in the Mountains: New AlpenHelo Demo Reel

Downhill Mountain Biking in Park City Utah with AlpenHelo Drones

Part of being involved in the mountain sports community, is capturing the moments that we all live for. Long fly fishing casts on glassy water at sunrise, an explosive move to help you seal the deal on your latest rock climbing project, and high speed downhill mountain bike runs through blooming foliage are all moments that we love to experience. We seek these moments out like an addict looking for a fix, and when can't go find them, we look for the moments of others to stave off the craving for the outdoors temporarily.

The constant search for a better, more unique way to capture amazing moments has lead us at MtnRanks to become partners in a new aerial photography and video company, AlpenHelo. We are stoked on how things have gone so far, and our ideas for new projects and adventures continue to flourish. We hope to work with AlpenHelo a lot more as time goes on to produce rad content for the activities we love so much. But in the meantime, check out the new AlpenHelo demo reel and the photos (not screen captures!) below, and tell us what you think.

Drone Filming Mountain Biking at Sunset in Park City Utah

 Golden hour is the best, especially when you're mountain biking with a drone above Park City, Utah


Dan Bell Fly Fishing for Trout shot by AlpenHelo Drone

Jan's guide Dan Bell throwing out casts while trout hunting in Northern Utah


Ian McDonnell Trail Bike Bob's Basin Utah by AlpenHelo Drone

Ian McDonnell shredding some mtb single track in Bob's Basin, Park City, Utah


Brendan Trieb Skiing in Little Cottonwood Canyon shot by AlpenHelo Drone

Brendan Trieb slashing a turn through spring corn, near Alta, Utah


Freeride Mountain Biking Desert Spines shot by AlpenHelo Drone

AlpenHelo getting the mountain bike shot in Freerideville, Utah


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