Better Gear Storage: DIY Wall Mounted Mountain Bike Rack

Posted on October 27 2016

Better Gear Storage: DIY Wall Mounted Mountain Bike Rack

DIY Wall mounted mountain bike rack and garage storage

It's no secret, we love the mountains and all of the adventures that they hold. From rock climbing, to mountain biking, to fly fishing, to camping, there are a myriad of ways to explore the outdoors. But with more adventures and sports, comes more gear. And unless you're lucky enough to live in a place with ample closet space, gear storage can become a bit of an issue. After all, there are only so many places to store your outdoor gear until it starts overflowing into your roommates/partners/parents space, something they may not be too fond of. But don't worry, we have some tips on how to maximize your available space so you can hang on to all of your adventure gear, and maintain happy housemates. 

First up, the DIY wall mounted bike rack. Sure, you can do the generic C-hook from the wall/ceiling method, but this option can take up a lot of space. Due to size constraints in the MtnRanks garage and an excess (AKA perfect amount) of mountain bikes, we had to get creative with bike storage in order to still be able to fit two cars into the space. As most DIY projects start, we took a trip to the local home improvement store to see what we could find. 

Enter the Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage system. Modular in nature, you can piece together different elements to meet your needs. For around $40, you can purchase an 84" hang rail (long enough to store two bikes next to each other on the wall) and two horizontal bike hooks (1 for each bike). This rack system is not overly expensive and allows you to hang bikes horizontally along the wall with a relatively low profile. You can also purchase other types of hooks for all different types of gear storage.

 Husky wall mounted mountain bike rack

A similar wall mounted system from Husky, can hold two downhill bikes and a speaker in the middle

Installation is as easy as finding your wall studs, getting the wall mounted hang rail level and lined up where you want it, and throwing in some 2 1/2" wood screws. The hang rail has pre-drilled holes in it that are spaced for 16" or 24" studs, so once you find the first stud and get the hang rail level, the rest of the screws will line up automatically (assuming you know your stud spacing).

Once securely fastened to the wall, you can place the bike hooks on the hang rail and space them to fit your bike. Be careful if you want to stack bikes vertically with two different hang rails, and make sure to properly space the tracks on the wall so that the bikes won't hit. Remember, measure twice, drill once!

Trek Remedy on wall mounted bike storage system

A Trek Remedy hanging on the Rubbermaid FastTrack system with horizontal bike hook

With this bike storage method, you will have more space to place shelving/storage/whatever beneath the bikes, while they maintain a low profile against the wall. Check back soon for some more easy tips/tricks to maximize your gear storage space.

Trek and Ironhorse mountain bikes in MtnRanks garage

With two bikes elevated and hanging horizontally, there is plenty of space for MtnRanks screen printing equipment beneath


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