Posted: Jul 17 2016
by: Ross Downard

Mtn Remedies: DIY Fly Fishing Rod Holder

Diy Fly Fishing rod holder


We spend a lot of time exploring the mountains on the hunt for trout. Long stretches of meandering dirt roads often necessitate the use of that glorious 4x4 button in order to stay on track. While fly fishing has taken us to some of the most beautiful and serene places we've ever seen, it also means our fly rods spend a large amount of time bouncing around in the back of a truck. Or at least, they did.

Sure, there are a lot of good fly rod holders for vehicles on the market, but none of them really filled our needs. Our friend Dan found a great, affordable rod holder that could be hard mounted on the underside of his truck cap, but this wasn't ideal as we change with the seasons, and the MtnRanks truck is only capped in the winter months. We needed something that could easily be swapped out in exchange for mountain bikes or climbing gear when the need arose, as we don't spend all of our time fly fishing.  So with a DIY attitude in mind, we set off to Home Depot with the goal of creating a better fly fishing rod holder.

NOTE: This fly rod rack will only work in trucks with a rear window that opens, and some cars and SUV’s. Just do your homework to see if it will work with your vehicle.

DIY Fly Fishing Rod Rack

1. First thing you need is the 5 Bracket Adjustable Cleaning Tool/Handle Holder, available here at Home Depot for $14.98.

Fly Rod Holder

2. You will need a Ratcheting Cargo Bar, also available at Home Depot for $19.96

Cargo Bar

3.  Using some zip ties, connect the tool holder to the ratcheting cargo bar on the non telescoping end.  

Fly Rod Holder for Trucks

When you install the rod holder in your vehicle, make sure there is ample room to close your door or tailgate without smashing your rods. Secure the rod holder by ratcheting the cargo bar until each end is pressed firmly into the sides of the truck bed/vehicle.  Make sure you do not over tighten the ratchet mechanism, and take care to ensure that the holder is square to the sides of the vehicle and not sitting crooked. You can install the fly rod holder with clasps on the top or bottom of the ratchet bar, hanging your rods from underneath if you so choose.

FLy rod rack for trucks 

Now you can take your fly rod holder in and out of your truck when ever you need to, for about the cost of a residential fishing license. We hope this is handy to all of you anglers, now get to throwing some bugs and do some Trout Hunting! 

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