Mtn Remedies: The Slushy Beer.

Posted on June 20 2016

Mtn Remedies: The Slushy Beer.

the slushy adventure beer beer


We spend a lot of time in the wild.  Over the years we have learned from friends and experiences to become better at being in the outdoors.  Little tricks, hacks and tools of the trade to make things easier.  We are going to kick off this series of how to hacks with the Slushy Beer.  

yeti hopper after a long day fly fishing 


As the summer weather heats up and you spend a lot of time in the mountains, fishing, biking, climbing and backpacking, there is nothing quite rewarding as a ice cold beer.  These cold beers however are usually reserved for post activity though, tailgating if you will.  Beer only stays so cold for so long while you are away from the cooler.  But don't worry, we know how to work around this aforementioned problem.  Albeit, in the spring when there is snow patches still lingering, you have mother natures cooler at your disposal (stash your beer in the snow).  For the rest of the summer when you are far from the truck this is what you do. 


First, choose your beer of choice.  

fly fishing the strawberry river

Think drinkablity.  Heavy beers will not be as thirst quenching while you are out getting after it.  Also look for lower alcoholic level beers, the goal is not to get hammered and not be able to operate.  But more to enjoy the cold crisp taste of a good beer when your thirsty.  Most beers available in mountain towns in Colorado and Utah groceries and convenient stores are 3.2 percent alcohol level anyways.  If you opt for a higher level alcohol content beer, be warned, when you are dehydrated they can hit you like a mac truck with a full trailer of buzz.  Some of the best beers I have ever had have been when I am overheated, tired and thirsty for something more than water.  More about the benefits of beer post getting activities here.  


Second, time to freeze some beer.

mtn biking in park city utah


Freezers and beers vary with this largely when it comes to time it takes to freeze.  The best way to figure this part out is to do some experimenting.  Be warned though, leaving beer in the freezer too long can cause them to explode.  The key here is to find the right amount of time in the freezer to get the beer just frozen.  Place a few beers in the freezer, and set the timer for 1 hr 30 minutes.  Come back and give the can a squeeze (only works with canned beer).  If it does not feel frozen put it back in and put another 30 minutes on the clock.  Repeat this until you can feel the beer is frozen.  Remember your time for future adventure prepping.  Once its frozen place it in your cooler to use later.  note:  you can place the beer in a ziplock bag to guard against any frozen beer explosions.   


Third, koozies drastically extend the life of your cold beer.

uintas summer lager


Small soft koozies are better than nothing, but the king of extending how long your beer will stay cold is the Yeti Colster.  The Colster locks in the can, literally.  You unscrew the top, slide the beer in and fasten the top back on to lock in the cold.  


Last, the best part.

 cold beer and desert sunsets in moab utah

when you are heading out to adventure, toss a frozen beer or two into your pack.  Then when you are packing up the climbing gear after a hard day of sending, or headed back to the truck after fly fishing for miles on your favorite creek, there is nothing like pulling the now thawed but still cold beer from your bag.  Crack that beer open with your bros and enjoy the hike out, you've earned this one.



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