Rocktober Fest was a huge success for Mtn Ranks

Posted on October 23 2009

Thanks To everyone that came out for the Red River Gorge 9th annual Roctktober fest.  The weekend was one for the books.  Despite the rain and pending severe weather that just missed us it didnt deter the crowds from coming.  The DJ, with one of the better sound systems i have ever heard, was rocking the crowd, everything was set for a good weekend.  The crate stacking was such a crowd pleaser and the mayhem of falling crates was just as much fun.  Mtn Ranks made some great new friends Matt Stark from dead point mag , all the guys from keen, Trent from northface, and Dan Brayack, Brandon Macy and Jason Otremba are awesome for giving me a few belays .  We received great response on our designs and color choices.  Once the weather cooled off the hoodies were flying off the racks.  After a day it was hard to go anywhere and not see someone wearing Mtn Ranks gear.  We climbed, we hung out with good people, great friends and we raised money to help keep our climbing walls open for all to partake.  We had such a good crew, want to thank Billy for being such a good spokesman, and the whole cincy crew for coming down to support all my hard work.  Life is about good friends and if that was a measure of a mans wealth, i would be one rich guy.    So thanks everyone![gallery link="file"]


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