The Seasons

Posted on March 22 2009

First Post.

Warm sunny days in the Mountains give way to the receding snow pack.  Another epic season in the Wasatch comes to a close.  As reluctant as we are to put the snow gear away, the more stoked we get about the summers epics that will soon unfold.  The days get longer and the warm sun makes us feel alive again. 

A warm stint in Utah's Wasatch let us pull out the climbing gear and get on the rock the other day.  I love pulling out my climbing bag at the beginning of the spring.  Its such a snap shot of the last season.  The last climb we ascended in the fall before the weather shifted like a light switch, just sits jumbled and stuffed into my climbing backpack.  Down at the wall i pull my harness out and look at the gear still hanging on to it.  Most of my cams, nuts and slings, sit hanging on my harness, fall comes rushing back into my mind.  "Little cotton wood canyon,  trad route obviously,  i think i was climbing with paul, yeah we were at the sail," I ponder.  A sweet moment of life comes back into view as i look over my gear. 

I look up at the wall think for a sec, and start changing the racking for my current endeavor.  It is these moments that fuel my company.  Ones mostly for those that nod their heads in agreement.  Knowing from living the life and thinking the same things.  Whether your a seasoned professional or a weekend warrior you know these moments.  The first snow of the season, loading the camping gear for a weekend out with friends its different but all follows a similar trend.  Deep into designing my new spring line, I turn these events over in my head.  Building stories and moments into my designs for people to wear. 

So as i sit here and right this blog and think about summer, i glance outside and its dumping snow.  Haha tomorow is gonna be a pow day.  Cant switch over and put the ski gear away yet.  I love the Mountains.

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