36 Hrs - A Tarpon Story

Posted on January 30 2020

36 Hrs - A Tarpon Story



As some of you know, I am a full time photographer, videographer.  The Ranks has always been my side hustle, as well as a attempt to create a vibrate outdoor community around a brand.  As I push my career behind the lens sometimes the Ranks gets set aside.  Sometimes though there is some cross over between my two lives.  

Fly fishing, has long been a passion for me and has taken me to some places that are just down right amazing.  This tarpon story is just that, shooting and working for the mondo fly fishing guys has been one of those things that just opened a lot of doors. 

As I watch our ski seasons become less and less reliable, I became worried that shooting skiing might not be a good thing to rely on.  So I set out to build a portfolio behind salt water fly fishing.  So if we get a bad winter here in Utah, I can find other ways to work and still be able to pay my bills. 

Last spring, the idea was hatched to go chase giant tarpon in the Florida back country.  We would motor in, camp for a few days and fly fish for these prehistoric monsters. 

Not knowing if the fish would be there or not?  We had a small window of 36 hrs to give it everything we had.  Hope you guys enjoy the video!

If you head to Florida and need a bad ass guide, call Dingo.  He is the fishiest dude I know. 





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