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Posted on July 13 2015

Fly Fishing Teton Creek, Wyoming

The Tetons are one of the world's most recognizable Mountain ranges.  The Teton Range is one of our favorite scenic mountains.  They are also packed full of adventure and one of the best places to take a MtnRanks trip (multi sport activity trips).  We loaded up the bikes and the fly gear, and headed north for some good R and R. 

Lily Shreds ready to get after it.

It takes about 4 to 5 hours to reach Jackson from Park City, with two typical routes.  North on I-15 through Idaho or out to Evanston, Wyoming, then north from there.  We stayed in the sleepy town of Victor, ID.  If you don't like the high traffic touristy Jackson side we recommend staying on the Idaho side of the Tetons.  Great small town vibe, with a few campgrounds just on the other side of the pass; or lots of dispersed camping up in the numerous canyons coming down from the Tetons in Wyoming. 

South Teton Trail, Teton Canyon

We set out to hit the not so popular fly fishing creeks and streams. So we got some info from some friends and a few local shops.  With a map in hand, we started to explore.  Teton Creek was our first spot, and it was awesome.  Didn't land anything large but the number and shear color of the cutthroats we landed was all time. 

Cutthroat Trout, Teton Creek

It seemed small, brown colored Chubbies, small stimulators, and foam ants were the ticket.  The higher you venture up Teton Canyon, the better the scenery gets. There is a popular trail called the South Tetons Trail that follows the south fork of Teton Creek. 

Bruce fly fishing Teton Creek


The next spot we hit was Fall Creek on the Wyoming side of the pass.  We got a great tip from West Bank Anglers to go check it out, and if you want to know exactly where to throw your flies stop in and say hi to these guys, they will steer you in the right direction.  Fall Creek also did not disappoint. More meadowy fishing in cow pastures, but we landed close to 40 fish.  It was a dang good time and access was relatively easy. 

Todd fly fishing Fall Creek


Then we headed north to fish the Henry's Fork.  After stopping into Trout Hunter we were advised to spend our time elsewhere since the river flows were on the rise and making the fishing slow.  So we decided to go fish the Madison River in Montana.  We picked up a few supplies from the Slide Inn Fly Shop and hit the river. If you stop in, make sure to give the owner some smack talk about being a Michigan fan ;-) .  The Madison is fast water, and a whole new animal for what we are used to.  We didn't have much luck but there was no lack in scenery.  After getting back to where we were staying in West Yellow Stone, we found out we were there just at the wrong time.  The morning was the prime time with PMD hatches and the afternoons were just down right difficult.  The Madison River, Montana


Coming back down south we headed out to try our luck in the Hoback river.  On our drive out, the river was completely off color, do to heavy storms rolling through the Gros Ventre Mountains. The river looked like chocolate milk.  Driving by Granite creek we noticed that it was still running clear.  So we diverted there to try our luck.  Granite Creek is another stream that does not lack in beautiful scenery.  Golden Stone Nymphs were the ticket, these fish were really picky.  It took the better half of the day to figure it out.  We also got shut down by muddy water from the storms, but we decided to try and drive up stream to see if it had cleared up higher.  Once we got up by Granite Falls the creek was almost clear again.  Stone Flies, Brown Drakes, and PMD's were all over. We were able to land the biggest fish of the trip up this way, too. A beautiful big Cutthroat Trout.

True Grit Jackson Hole Resort


After some great days on the water, it was time to shred some bikes.  Hitting Friday nights from 5- 7 pm at Jackson Hole Resort is highly recommended.  There is nothing huge to hit here but it makes up for it in good flow and lots of perfectly shaped blue sized jumps.  Plus the lift tickets from 5 - 7 pm are only 10 dollars on Friday nights.  For us, it's a great way to warm up for riding the pass. 


Pouch On Fuzzy Bunny

Our last day, we were able to sneak a lap in on the Teton Pass.  Fuzzy Bunny to Power Line or Candy Land, then to Parallel are nothing short of world class.  Each year there is something new on these trails, too.  These trails are the gold standard and anytime we build, we try to mimic what the Teton boys have done.  Need the low down on these trails and how to ride them?  Stop into Wilson Back Country sports, these guys will shoot you straight to the gnar. 


Fall Creek

We usually spend more time riding bikes than fishing up here but due to a recent knee injury I was on the side lines until the end of it.  Which brings up the whole reason we fish.  When you're down and out, or it just won't stop raining, we still have something to do.  Icy cold mountain streams are great therapy on busted up knees.  Anyone headed up this way and wants to get more info, feel free to contact us. 






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