Deer Valley Mountain Bike Park: Gravity Logic Gets their hands dirty.

Posted on June 15 2015


Deer Valley trail crew and Gravity Logic have been busy getting ready for opening day this Friday June 19th.  With over 200 K in trail improvements mountain biking in Park City will never be the same again.  The boys at Gravity Logic have their craft down to a science and that formula has been proved again and again at any of the projects they have had their hands on. 




Our friends at Deer Valley bike park invited us up to get the real story and all the new trail info so we can give it to you and we took the photos to get you pumped.  So we are excited to show you what is coming and will also be ready for opening day. 

The first of all the new stuff is a blue flow jump trail to be called Tidal Wave. This trail will start where the road to ruby trail was right next to the top section of aspen slalom.  It will wind its way down to the meadow and then hang left of homeward bound.  The trail is planned to be about 3 miles long at a 8% grade with about 50 jumps before it ends back at silver lake. 

The top part of this trail was super rocky so dirt was trucked in and the upper top section was capped, this ensures the trail will be smooth and fast.  This is not a cheap or easy endeavor, and speaks mounds of how much Deer Valley wants to do this right.  The top section will only have a few jumps due to the difficult and rocky soil.  The top section to the meadow will be ready and open by this Friday. 

The rest of the trail, in true Gravity Logic fashion will be opened in sections as they get it finished.  So the middle section should be open by mid season and the entire trail will be open by the end of the season.   

Next on the list is updates and flowability added to the classic nail driver trail.  The middle section of nail driver has been entirely rerouted.  This new section will flow much better and have a lot of fast swooping berms, similar to ninja cougar in whistler. 

The reroute does connect back into some of the lower trail but dances above and around the old sections.  The lower fast section now has huge bermed corners that you will be able to rail as fast as you want. 

There is a lot of hand work going into this trail and these berms are looking awesome.  Nail Driver will be ready to rip by opening day.   



New Twist and Shout Upper Trail

There will be a new upper section of Twist and Shout trail.  This new section will be a black flow trail that will find its way down to some of the old sections of nail driver and then connect into the tight techy old twist and shout.  The updates are aimed at less pedaling and more natural flow.  Over and over again Gravity Logic has expressed the quality of DV's existing old school trails.  Such trails like fire swamp, and Thieves Forest, NCS and Twist and Shout are hard to match.  With the addition of flow trails, Deer Valley will be well rounded for what ever style riding your in the mood for.

For next season, DV has another 3 new trails planned, a green and another blue flow trail as well as a black jump flow trail.  Some of these trails will travel to and from the ruby express area.  So other trails like pay roll and corvair will be more assessable and you will be able to shred to and from ruby with ease.  As well, if your wallet is full enough, a stop at the montage for some quality lunch.  

DV has also been testing a prototype bike tray that will hold 4 bikes.  These should be on the lifts by mid to late season, and spaced about every 3 chairs.  The mountain bike trails are shared with a lot of popular hiking trails so DV gets a fair amount of hiking and site seeing traffic.  So for now that is why the trays will be spaced as such.  However for anyone thats been to DV on a busy day it used to be only one bike per chair.  So you were always waiting for your bike to get up to the top anyhow.  This will drastically help move things along and be more friendly on your bike.  

This is where you come in, us as a mountain biking community.  All of us know that getting any of our resorts from a higher up exec stand point on board for a bike park is a tough prospect.  Deer Valley is investing more money into this project than it ever has in its lift served mountain bike history.  This was years in the making and constantly being squeaky wheels from us in the know, and from their trail crew pleading to them to pull the trigger on this deal.  Well, we are finally here and the work is well on its way, but there is sooo much more potential in this town for good DH shredding.  The execs don't understand fully what this means to us as a community and we need to tell them.  If you take anything from this write up please be that squeaky wheel with us.  If you get out and ride these improvements, and like them, TELL THEM.  Post on their instagram, post on their facebook, email the execs, tell them you love it and give us more.  We can make a difference, our friend Steve has stuck his neck out for this project and we need to stand behind him.         

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