Mountain biking in the Uinta Mountains

Posted on July 27 2014

Loving our new mountain bike jerseys.


Busy weekends here in Park City always get us jonesing for a way to beat the crowds.  There are so many great places in Utah that offer, with a little effort, great solace from the norm.  We decided to go explore and do what we call a #MtnRanksDay.  A MtnRanks day is where we set out to get in multiple mountain type activities.  For example get up, go ski, rock climb after, and then cast some flies on the water as the sun goes down.  We loaded up our bikes to go mountain biking in the Uinta Mountains.  So with that said, it seemed fitting to pack the fly fishing gear and plot a trail to ride that took us to some water.

We settled on a trail that left from Pass Lake off of Mirror Lake Highway, that lead up to Kamas Lake.  We fitted our fly fishing gear to our packs, got on the saddle, and set out. 

Uinta trails are not for the faint of heart.  They are challenging, steep, rooty, rocky, and sometimes just plane gnar.  None the less, they are a lot of fun.  They do not see a lot of bike traffic yet so they are raw.  We took the time to clean up a few spots to make them more rideable. 

We climbed and pushed our bikes up to a bench notched in between some epic peaks.  Once you come up over the bench, nestled down below is Kamas Lake.  A beautiful, high alpine lake with that tell tale glowing blue hue.  We pedaled around to the side where we could get some good casting lanes and pulled out the rods. 

After casting a while, we realized nothing was going on.  So swimming seemed to be the right thing to do.  There are few things that make you feel more alive than swimming in mountain lakes. 

Couple of hours past and it was time to make our decent.  Technical, steep, and awesome riding is all i can say.  We stopped at a few areas on the trail and rode them a few times until we could ride them clean.  It was good to feel challenged, and took a few spills trying to clean some rocky lines.  These mountains are rock garden heaven, and it was awesome to get my Santa Cruz Nomad into the terrain it was designed for. 

There is so much potential for epic mountain biking in the Uinta Mountains, it's unreal.  We are excited to keep exploring them on our bikes.  Finding more trails that take us to good fishing is just going to be a bonus.


Photos: Andrew Meehan, and Ross Downard

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  • Rae: September 26, 2015

    How do I know which trails allow bikes? It seems very few do. This trail y’all rode, does it still allow bikes?

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