Mountain Biking Teton Pass with MtnRanks

Posted on July 15 2014

Imagine a bike park that is entirely free to ride as many laps as you can hold on for.  The Teton Pass just outside of Wilson, Wyoming is home to one of the most impressive public freeride trail networks.  The trail network there has something for everyone.  From fast and flowy to steep and technical.  From the beginner to the advanced.  The most impressive fact about the Teton Pass mountain bike trails is they started out as pirate trails.  Over years of battling it out with the Forest Service, rogue trail builders came to an agreement to work together.  The result is world class down hill mountain biking fun and the birth of the Tetons Freedom Riders

After receiving an invite from the Freedom Riders to help out with the first Teton Pass Bash, it was a no brainier for us to load up the gear and head up to Jackson, Wyoming for a weekend of shredding.  MtnRanks' mission has been strongly rooted into helping those that create and maintan the places where we recreate.  We have helped to support their public dig days and it seemed fitting for us to help shuttle bikes for the public to get some free rides on the Teton Pass.  It was also a great time for us to really get out and test our new mountain bike jerseys

Load after load of eager mountain bikers piled into the MtnRanks truck and we drove them to the top.  Shuttling is our game and we have it down to a science we can fit 11 bikes easily into the rig.

With Fuzzy Bunny Trail to Candy Land being the favorite for the crew, there is no shortage of action.  Fast flow into huge berms and big features.  You can also opt for Power Line Trail which has all intermediate sized jumps.  The features on all the trails are built so well you never have to guess what the next lip is going to be like. 

Fuzzy Bunny has it all


big step down on Fuzzy.


The day after the event, we hit the trails again to explore the Teton Pass crown jewel, Lithium.  3500 feet of mountain bike decending epicness.  This trail is awesome. Tight, steep, rooty, and rocky sections to smooth, flowy jumps and drops.  With a decent push to the top, which takes roughly about a half hour, the views from the trail look out to the Jackson valley. 

Lithium starts out in some buff single track winding down through some open meadows.

Its not long before you are on a ridge with some technical steep riding.

once nestled down into the pines there are plenty of features to keep the smiles from fading.

Lithium rock roll.

there are few good size jumps hidden in the woods on Lithium.

The best place to find info on these trails is to stop in Wilson Backcountry sports and pick up a trail map.  The shop guys ride the pass all the time so they have the best up to date info on trail conditions.

No better way to end a day of riding down hill bikes than a little tailgate session.  Until next time Jackson, and we have a feeling its not going to be long before next time.  The trails are still calling our names.





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