Fly Fishing Small Creeks in the Uinta Mountain Range, Utah

Posted on July 10 2014

Come mid summer in Utah, the main fly fishing rivers are quite crowded.  Every vacationer visiting Utah seems to be fishing the middle Provo River this time of year.  For us at the Ranks, this does not fit our style.  We crave solitude, serenity, and all out adventure.  The fear of the unknown is where we reside.  This is lost next to all hordes of tourists blindly following their guides around the river (we are not against guides by any means, they do an awesome job of sharing the love of the sport and it's how we all learned the trade).  The lost art of looking at maps is not forgotten within our crew.  So we set out for the unknown.  

Deep in the Uintas, we set out for a few small drainages that feed into one of our favorite rivers to fish.  Following the sound of rushing water, the creek we were following hardly seemed big enough to hold fish.  But in the mountains, there is no shortage of springs and other small creeks that continually feed into each other.  It did not take long until our little creek was fish-able.  

We found a few pockets that looked fishy.  We stopped to rig up.  Dan tied on a beetle and I tied on a yellow sally trailed by a foam ant.  We instantly hooked up.  Most people would never fish a stream that's so small.  You could easily step over the stream, it was so narrow.  None the less, it was full of feisty and hungry little Brook Trout.  They may have lacked in size, but the fight they had and the colors of these little tikes was amazing.  

It was ridiculous how many fish we hooked into.  Both of us had about 50 plus, each.  It was so much fun to have that kind of action on the fly.  About 4 hours have passed and a thunderstorm started to loom.  We were pretty deep in the backcountry so we decided to hike it out.

With the patter of light rain on our rain coats it felt good to get back to the trail head.  A nice cold beer and stories of the day seemed a fitting end to the adventure.  I am not going to share the exact location of where we were, it would take the adventure out of your own endeavor.  So next time you go out, try pointing to a place on a map and go explore. Odds are, even if you get skunked, you won't be disappointed. 

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  • PAUL ZAKULA: July 28, 2014

    Ross ,I am afriend of Carrie Westberg’s and will be out later this week . She said she is going to hook us up to fish . Also , I hope you have some xxl’s available in your clothing line !

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