Lily Shreds 2.0

Posted on May 20 2014

Lily airing doubles in post canyon, Hood River, OR.

In 2009 we added a new addition to our family.  A little Jack Russell puppy that we named Lily Pad.  It wasn't long after that we noticed Lily had a knack, and all out passion for going on bike rides.  As she went with us more to follow bikes, we then notice Lily would air the jumps.  So in the fall we had set out to film a quick edit of Lily doing her thing.  After only two evenings of filming Lily Shreds Trailside was born.

Soon after that the video went viral.  It was the second most viewed video on PinkBike in 2009, and show case on the Banf Mountain Film Festival world tour.  Her video played on the big screen in 35 countries. 

Lily at the Banff Mountain Film Fest in SLC, Ut

Lily has since become a seasoned adventurer.  She travels with our crew and has shredded trails from the Red River Gorge, to the porcupine rim in Moab Utah, to Whistler's a river runs through it.  Lily has also been published in numerous magazines like this photo feature as a two page spread in Bike Magazine

That particular trip in the southern desert of Utah, we were photoing for Ruffwear and Lily put down 31 miles in 4 days.  It was a epic trip.

After the unexpected success of her first video, we began planning for Lily Shreds 2.0.  We had started filming in 2012 but then hit a road block when Lily had broken her toe on a climbing trip to the red river gorge in Kentucky.  There is no medium button for this dog, she goes all out all of the time.  She had been running like a nut through the woods and we believe she had caught it on a stick or something.  We will never know for sure how she broke it. 

Lily in her cast

By the time she was healed up it was winter.  So we started planning for next summer, and decided to start again from scratch.  When the snow had melted we spent the spring getting back into bike shape.  Lily, just like us can't get off the couch and run full out for miles on end.  She needs to work up to being able to pin it.  

So when the leaves were green and summer was here in the mountains, it was go time.  We filmed all summer into the fall.  Mostly in Utah but we had a few shots from Hood River Oregon.   

Post canyon, Hood RIver, OR

We used the whole gambit of our video gear; sliders, glide cams, gopros, boom cranes, and rc helis.  It was quite amusing putting this much production effort into a dog video. 

None the less, the end result is a happy, feel good video.

Lily Shreds 2.0


  • Diane: October 15, 2015

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  • Benita: June 15, 2014

    Lily is extraordinary….and she has an owner who loves her is
    and is willing to take the extra time to teach….they are both very fortunate!!!!

  • peter gelderblom: May 26, 2014

    …what a little great dog !!!

  • Pat Swabey: May 24, 2014

    Super awesome!!!
    Love, love,love miss Lilly Pad! She rocks!

  • Barb Wieber: May 23, 2014

    Love it!

  • Barb Wieber: May 23, 2014

    Love it!

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