Moab Spring 2014

Posted on April 26 2014

For years now, the MtnRanks crew has journeyed south to the desert adventure mecca of Moab, Utah. When the snow stops falling and the lifts cease to turn, we take the ski racks off and put the tailgate pad on. Backcountry packs are replaced with sleeping pads and tents, and before we know it, we've left the Wasatch corn snow behind, eager to replace it with slickrock and sandstone. 

The crew varies in size from year to year as friends priorities shift, but the trip always happens. While we don't have any tangible, numerically quantified goals for the trip, we do have some basic principles that are vital to the success of every desert camping mountain biking trip:

1. Find a cool campsite without any neighbors. We're here to enjoy nature and each others company, not listen Danny Rickdale complain about how the satellite TV went out in his Winnebago again. 

MtnRanks Mobile Command Center from above

2. Eat as much fat filled, protein rich, carbohydrate loaded food as possible. Everything that can be cooked on the campfire, will be.

3. Ride long enough and hard enough that to burn off all of the calories and then some of the aforementioned food.

4. Drink beer/whiskey around the campfire and tell stories. Repeat.

5. If you're in Moab, ride the Porcupine Rim Trail at sunset. It is the most visually stunning ride we've ever been on and is quickly becoming a tradition. It's also a really fun trail with a lot of variety and sections that cater to every type of biker.

One of the many scenic overlooks into Castle Valley along Porcupine

6. Bring guns. If you can't bring real guns, get a pellet gun instead. Shooting stuff is fun.

BB gun and MtnRanks flask. Campsite essentials.

7. Don't shower. If you're camping without neighbors, you probably won't have a shower nearby. Not to worry, getting grimy for a few days feels good. The dirt gets you back in touch with the Earth.

8. Cell phone use is only permitted if it's being used to make everyone who didn't come on the trip feel jealous about how much fun you're having without them.

9. Have as much fun as possible. All the time, while doing everything. Duh.

10. Bring your dog. While not every pooch is up for it, if your canine buddy is well trained and in shape, it's good to bring them along. It's just more fun when you're with your best friends and your best friend.

Lily the trail dog can shred with the best

It's rather ironic that the desert, a place commonly thought of as being dry, desolate, and nearly devoid of life, can make you feel so alive. But that is exactly what it does. Maybe it's just the change of scenery, but we think there is something special in the sand and red rock of southern Utah. if you haven't been, what are you waiting for? Go #RideTheRanks.

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  • Lois Glaser: April 27, 2014

    Great read, great pics, and awesome place. The red rock and sand of Southern Utah do, indeed, make it a very special place. #8 hit home!

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